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9 results found.
Image for MoliCare Premium Soft Extra
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeWaist UnitsPrice
169248X-Small16 - 24"120$91.13
169448Small24 - 35" 90$71.33
169648Medium35 - 47"90$82.19
169848Large47 - 59"90$98.49
169948X-large59 - 69"56$94.02

MoliCare Premium Soft Extra

Image for Molicare Premium Soft Super
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeWaist UnitsPrice
169450Small24 - 35" 90$86.57
169650Medium35 - 47"90$111.50
169850Large47 - 59"90$134.98

Molicare Premium Soft Super

Image for MoliCare Moblie
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeWaist UnitsPrice
915831Small24 - 35" 56$73.20
915832Medium31 - 47"56$73.20
915833Large39 - 59"56$82.91
915834X-large51 - 67"56$93.50

MoliCare Moblie

Image for MoliCare Mobile Super
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeWaist UnitsPrice
915871Small24 - 35" 56$71.37
915872Medium31 - 47"42$58.80
915873Large39 - 59"56$85.37
915874X-large51 - 67"56$96.57

MoliCare Mobile Super

Image for MoliCare Super Plus
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeWaist UnitsPrice
165531Small20 - 31"56$63.83
165532Medium27 - 47"56$81.02
165533Large39 - 59"56$90.06

MoliCare Super Plus

Image for Molicare Premium Fixpants
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeQuantityPrice
MOL 947791Medium200$223.30
MOL 947792Large200$275.74
MOL 947793X-large200$317.23
MOL 947794XX-large200$336.36

Molicare Premium Fixpants

Image for Molicare Premium Form Pad
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeQuantityPrice
MOL 168019Normal120$72.23
MOL 168219Plus120$90.43
MOL 168319Extra120$100.23
MOL 168919Super120$124.03

Molicare Premium Form Pad

Image for MoliMed for Men Pad
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeQuantityPrice
MOL 168705One size fits all168$83.27
MOL 168819One size fits all112$107.77

MoliMed for Men Pad

Image for MoliMed Premium Shaped Pads
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeQuantityPrice
MOL 168634Mini252$59.91
MOL 168644Midi168$52.91
MOL 168654Maxi168$85.11

MoliMed Premium Shaped Pads

"Hey Mike,
They just arrived! Will try for sizing and let you know.
Awesome service and speed.
Many thanks," Chris from St. Johns
"Wow! This is what I mean by great service. Your reply arrived almost immediately." Brian from Mississauga
"Just received the catheter bags! Thanks! Excellent service as always!!
" Diane from Owen Sound