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Product Type: Incontinence
Gender: Male
2-Way 5cc
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Item No.SizeQuantity
17130512012 FR5
17130514014 FR5
17130516016 FR5
17130518018 FR5
17130520020 FR5
17130522022 FR5
17130524024 FR5


This is a 100% Silicone, 2 way foley with one eye and a 5cc balloon.  It is 40 cm(16")long and is color coded. Sterile for single use. Latex foley catheters are generally accepted but latex is known to have some disadvantages that relate to local toxicity and occasional allergic reactions. Silicone foley catheters are widely accepted as having better biocompatibility characteristics and lower encrustation and blockage rates. The premium quality Rusch 100% silicone foley catheters offer all the benefits of silicone and offer direct and indirect savings.

Rusch Product Codes
Size Product Code
12 Fr 171305120
14 Fr 171305140
16 Fr 171305160
18 Fr 171305180
20 Fr 171305200
22 Fr 171305220
24 Fr 171305240
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