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Absorbent Pads, Briefs

Incontinence products range from pads used on a bed to adult diapers. The products are designed to protect you while allowing you to maintain your dignity.

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Image for AMG MedPro Quilted Underpad
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeDescription
AMG 760-19436" x 54", 22" panels Queen

AMG MedPro Quilted Underpad

With Tuck-in Panels
Image for MoliCare Premium Soft Extra
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeWaist UnitsPrice
169248X-Small16 - 24"120$91.13
169448Small24 - 35" 90$71.33
169648Medium35 - 47"90$82.19
169848Large47 - 59"90$98.49
169948X-large59 - 69"56$94.02

MoliCare Premium Soft Extra

Image for Tranquility Swimmates
(Select Size)
Item No.DescriptionSizeUnits
TRQ 2844Small22" to 36" w/h88
TRQ 2845Medium34" to 48" w/h80
TRQ 2846Large44" to 54" w/h72
TRQ 2847X-large48" to 66" w/h56
TRQ 2848XX-large62" to 80" w/h48

Tranquility Swimmates

Image for Waterproof Sheet Protector
(Select Size)
Item No.SizePrice
P115/QS17" x 24"$8.86
P112/QS24" x 24"$11.91

Waterproof Sheet Protector

Image for AMG MedPro Quilted Underpad
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeDescription Price
AMG 760-18024" x 36"Small$33.02
AMG 760-18234" x 36"Medium$40.26

AMG MedPro Quilted Underpad

Image for Medline Sofnit 300 Reusable Underpad
(Select Size)
Item No.SizePrice
MDTIU3TABPNK18 x 24"$8.25
MDTIU3TBFPNK24 x 36"$10.25
MDTIU3TEFPNK36 x 34"$12.25

Medline Sofnit 300 Reusable Underpad

Image for Molicare Premium Soft Super
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeWaist UnitsPrice
169450Small24 - 35" 90$86.57
169650Medium35 - 47"90$111.50
169850Large47 - 59"90$134.98

Molicare Premium Soft Super

Image for MoliCare Moblie
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeWaist UnitsPrice
915831Small24 - 35" 56$73.20
915832Medium31 - 47"56$73.20
915833Large39 - 59"56$82.91
915834X-large51 - 67"56$93.50

MoliCare Moblie

Image for MoliCare Mobile Super
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeWaist UnitsPrice
915871Small24 - 35" 56$71.37
915872Medium31 - 47"42$58.80
915873Large39 - 59"56$85.37
915874X-large51 - 67"56$96.57

MoliCare Mobile Super

Image for MoliCare Super Plus
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeWaist UnitsPrice
165531Small20 - 31"56$63.83
165532Medium27 - 47"56$81.02
165533Large39 - 59"56$90.06

MoliCare Super Plus

Image for EliteCare Breathable Briefs
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeQuantityPrice
TRQ241232-44" 48$101.77

EliteCare Breathable Briefs

Image for iD Form Shaped Pads - 2 Piece system
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeSizeQuantityPrice
iD 5310265210ExtraSize 2126$64.30
iD 5310275210SuperSize 2126$83.20

iD Form Shaped Pads - 2 Piece system

Image for iD Innofit Stretch Maxi Briefs
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeQuantityPrice
iD 5712280140Medium56$70.13
iD 5712380140Large56$84.43

iD Innofit Stretch Maxi Briefs

Image for iD Innofit Stretch Plus Briefs
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeQuantityPrice
iD 5712260140Medium56$55.08
iD 5712360140Large56$62.68

iD Innofit Stretch Plus Briefs

Image for iD Light
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeQuantityPrice
iD 5121020201Mini240$31.86
iD 5171030121Normal144$33.21
iD 5171040101Extra120$36.64
iD 5171055101Maxi120$36.64

iD Light

Image for iD Slip Maximum Absorbency Briefs
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeQuantityPrice
iD 56302100150Medium45$68.47
iD 56303100150Large45$82.00

iD Slip Maximum Absorbency Briefs

Image for iD Slip Plus and Extra Absorbency Briefs
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeQuantityPrice
iD 5610265280Medium84$69.94
iD 5630165140Small$49.18
Buy By the Box and Save
iD 5630160140Small56$44.45
iD 5610260280Medium112$89.43
iD 5610360280Large112$101.50
iD 5630460140X-large56$64.05

iD Slip Plus and Extra Absorbency Briefs

Image for iD Slip Super Absorbency Briefs
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeQuantityPrice
iD 5630075140X-Small168$132.24
iD 5630175140Small56$47.35
iD 5630275280Medium84$88.47
iD 5630375280Large84$95.96
iD 5630475140X-large56$73.00

iD Slip Super Absorbency Briefs

Image for iD Underwear
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeQuantityPrice
iD 5531265140NAMedium72$78.99
iD 5531365140NALarge72$88.42

iD Underwear

Image for Molicare Premium Fixpants
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeQuantityPrice
MOL 947791Medium200$223.30
MOL 947792Large200$275.74
MOL 947793X-large200$317.23
MOL 947794XX-large200$336.36

Molicare Premium Fixpants

Image for Molicare Premium Form Pad
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeQuantityPrice
MOL 168019Normal120$72.23
MOL 168219Plus120$90.43
MOL 168319Extra120$100.23
MOL 168919Super120$124.03

Molicare Premium Form Pad

Image for MoliMed for Men Pad
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeQuantityPrice
MOL 168705One size fits all168$83.27
MOL 168819One size fits all112$107.77

MoliMed for Men Pad

Image for MoliMed Premium Shaped Pads
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeQuantityPrice
MOL 168634Mini252$59.91
MOL 168644Midi168$52.91
MOL 168654Maxi168$85.11

MoliMed Premium Shaped Pads

Image for Select Disposable Absorbent Underwear
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeSizeSizeQuantityPrice
TRQ2602Youth15-25"429 ml96$99.37
TRQ2603X-Small17-28"429 ml96$99.37
TRQ2604Small22-36"429 ml88$99.37
TRQ2605Medium34-48"562 ml80$95.17
TRQ2606Large44-54"562 ml72$95.17
TRQ2607X-large48-66"562 ml56$86.24
TRQ2608XX-large62-80"562 ml48$86.24

Select Disposable Absorbent Underwear

Image for TENA INTIMATES Moderate Regular
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeUnitsPrice
SCA 5428428cm120$53.27
SCA 4890028cm216$95.87

TENA INTIMATES Moderate Regular

Image for Tena Protective Underwear Overnight Super
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeQuantityPrice
SCA 72235Medium56$102.90
SCA 72325Large56$102.90
SCA 72427X-large48$94.36

Tena Protective Underwear Overnight Super

Image for Tranquility Personal Care Pads
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeQuantityPrice
TRQ 2380Super96$54.66
TRQ 2381Ultimate96$62.80
TRQ 2382Overnight96$76.44

Tranquility Personal Care Pads

Image for Tranquility Premium DayTime
(Select Size)
Item No.DescriptionSizeCapacityQuantity
2105Medium34-48" 740 ml72
2106Large44-54" 740 ml64
2107X-large48-66" 740 ml56

Tranquility Premium DayTime

Image for Ultra Sheet Protector
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeColourPrice
P1260224" x 34"White $14.24
P1260430" x 34"White $17.99
P1260534" x 36"White $20.24

Ultra Sheet Protector

Image for Attends Briefs 10 Bariatric
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeWaist Units
27821XXX-Large 70 - 90"32

Attends Briefs 10 Bariatric

Heavy to Severe Absorbency
Image for Tranquility Premium OverNight
(Select Size)
Item No.DescriptionSizeCapacityQuantityPrice
2113X-Small17-28" 600 ml88$107.84
2114Small22-36" 600 ml80$110.03
2115tMedium34-48" 1005 ml72$107.84
2116Large44-54" 1005 ml64$107.84
2117X-large48-66" 1005 ml56$107.84
2118XX-large62-80" 1005 ml48$107.84

Tranquility Premium OverNight

Image for Attends with Waistband
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeWaistUnits
24899Medium32 - 44"44
24900Large44 - 58"36

Attends with Waistband

Heavy Absorbency
Image for Attends DermaDry Complete Briefs
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeWaistUnitsPrice
37733Small20 - 32"96$106.64
37734Medium32 - 44"96$111.29
37735Regular44 - 56"80$110.37
37736Large44 - 58"72$105.53
37737X-large58 - 63"60$112.08

Attends DermaDry Complete Briefs

Heavy to Severe Absorbency
Image for Attends DermaDry Extended Wear Night Brief
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeWaist UnitsPrice
31471Medium32 - 44"36$69.81
43197Large44 - 58"28$65.34

Attends DermaDry Extended Wear Night Brief

Severe Absorbency
Image for Attends Protective Underwear
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeWaistWeight UnitsPrice
25029Small22 - 36"80 - 125 Ibs80$135.39
25031Medium34 - 44"125 - 175 lbs80$135.39
25032Large44 - 58"170 - 210 lbs72$135.39
25033X-large58 - 68"210 + lbs 56$135.59

Attends Protective Underwear

Moderate to Heavy Absorbency
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