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Item No.SizeQuantity
65-50088 FR100
65-501010 FR100
65-501212 FR100
65-501414 FR100
65-501616 FR100
65-501818 FR100

Med-RX Red Plastic

100 per box
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Item No.SizeQuantity
60-50088 FR100
60-501010 FR100
60-501212 FR100
60-501414 FR100
60-501616 FR100
60-501818 FR100

Med-RX Clear Plastic Male

100 per box
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Item No.SizeQuantity
67-51088 FR100
67-511010 FR100
67-511212 FR100
67-511414 FR100
67-511616 FR100
67-511818 FR100

Med-RX Robinson Plus Clr Low Friction Plastic

100 per box
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Item No.SizeQuantity
63-50088 FR100
63-501010 FR100
63-501212 FR100
63-501414 FR100

Med-RX Clear Plastic Female

100 per box
"Thank you Mike. I donít know from where youíre shipping, but itís blazingly fast. Got the box at noon today, less than 24 hours after the order. Same thing last time. Much appreciated." Allan from Toronto
"Thank you for working with me and offering a great service. I hated having to call the pharmacy to order my items all these years." Jamie from Niagara Falls
"I wanted to send this as a HUGE thank you for the service your company provides. To call at 4:30 and to get the order by 9:20 this morning was such a surprise......and a relief. " Alyssa from Brampton