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Image for Cure Catheter Pediatric
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Item No.SizeQuantity
P88 FR30
P1010 FR30
P1212 FR30
P1414 FR30

Cure Catheter Pediatric

30 per box
Image for Cure Twist
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Item No.SizeQuantity
T1010 FR30
T1212 FR30
T1414 FR30

Cure Twist

30 per box
Image for Cure Catheter Straight Tip
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Item No.SizeQuantity
M88 FR30
M1010 FR30
M1212 FR30
M1414 FR30
M1616 FR30

Cure Catheter Straight Tip

30 per box
Image for Cure Catheter Female
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Item No.SizeQuantity
F88 FR30
F1010 FR30
F1212 FR30
F1414 FR30
F1616 FR30
F1818 FR30

Cure Catheter Female

30 per box
Image for Cure Catheter Coude Tip
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeQuantity
M10C10 FR30
M12C12 FR30
M14C14 FR30
M16C16 FR30

Cure Catheter Coude Tip

30 per box
"Hats off Ė already received the shipping notification, delivery expected tomorrow.

Great service as always." Mark from Toronto
"Thank you Mike. I donít know from where youíre shipping, but itís blazingly fast. Got the box at noon today, less than 24 hours after the order. Same thing last time. Much appreciated." Allan from Toronto
"I received the supplies today. Thanks for the great service.
" Tony from Halifax